Tabi Aziri / Design Director at Denstu Creative / Amsterdam, NL​​​​​​​
I am a Dutch Albanian award-winning Design Director with 10+ years experience in the field of brand and digital design across a range of industries from lifestyle & culture to technology & retail. I am visually driven and concept oriented, enthusiastic, and passionate about my work.
I have a bunch of love for my dog, my cats, instant photography, yoga, fashion, ice cream for breakfast, binge watching The Office, going to the movies alone, meeting friends over lunch and occasionally overthinking what I’ll wear tomorrow.
Past and present clients: Staples, P&G, Pantene, Porsche, Dutch Chamber Choir, DGTL Festival, Loveland Festival, Sky Radio, Radio 10, Dutch Heart Foundation, Voordekunst, McDonald’s, Pandora, Dutch Greenhouse Delta, Skopje Jazz Festival, Jewish Cultural Quarter, Hortus Botanical Garden etc. 
Awarded in local and international festivals:
Cannes (x1), 
Eurobest (x1), 
Red Dot Awards (x1), 
European Design Awards (x1), 
IDA International Design Awards (x2)
Golden Drum (x2), 
Golden Ant (x2), 
Draudacum (x1)
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