Electric, Eclectic, Ecstatic 
2017 - 2019

DGTL is a music festival in Amsterdam, Santiago, São Paulo, Barcelona, Tel Aviv and Madrid, offering a cutting-edge mix of electronic music and conceptual art performances with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability.
DGTL Amsterdam is the season opener. For two days, it occupies six stages and an impressive line-up with more than 80 artists and 40,000 visitors.
We created their visual identity using morse code as our main concept; Dashes and dots. Iconic industrial architecture, Bauhaus and light are other creative components in the DGTL identity.
DGTL 2017
DGTL 2018
DGTL Records
DGTL Music
DGTL 2019
Designed at Total Design - Amsterdam
Creative & Art Direction Eddy Wegman, Tabi Aziri, Dimitri van Loenen (2019)
Animation Woodwork

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