Electric, Eclectic, Ecstatic 
2017 - 2018

DGTL is a music festival in Amsterdam, Santiago, São Paulo, Barcelona, Tel Aviv and Madrid, offering a cutting-edge mix of electronic music and conceptual art performances with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability.

DGTL Amsterdam is the season opener. For two days, it occupies six stages and an impressive line-up with more than 80 artists and 40,000 visitors.
We created their visual identity using morse code as our main concept; Dashes and dots. Iconic industrial architecture, Bauhaus and light are other creative components in the DGTL identity.
DGTL 2017
DGTL 2018
DGTL Records
DGTL Music
Client: DGTL
Creative & Art Direction: Eddy Wegman & Tabi Aziri
Animation: Woodwork
Account Management: Ermelinde van Reusel

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