See the Future
Rendering has long required specialist training, skills and excessive time; turning it into a chore many have grown to dislike or contract out to third parties, but Lumion knows 3D visuals don’t need to be hard work and that no matter your experience, creating them should be easy and accessible.
Since its launch, Lumion has always been at the forefront of 3D rendering, delivering the most powerful and polished user experience. But they had not been able to effectively express this through its branding - leaving new competitors open to claim a seemingly unoccupied space. So the task becomes to reaffirm Lumion as the standard in 3D rendering and at the same time show a new Lumion that understands its uses better than any other. 
To visualize this the rebranding centered around the joy of creation - embodying the idea of flow and visualizing your ambitions. 
The identity is based in the window that allows the creator to look through, and see the future as they imagine it. An ever-changing visual system that reflects how Lumion adapts to the needs of every idea and clears the path, so it is possible to step inside the design, and build the world you aspire to.
As Lumion has many different users with varying skill levels we choose to coat the identity with a warm and calm feeling, as if we were looking from the inside, to convey the reliability of the software. Anyone that picks it up should feel invited and in control. 
And thus, for the first time in their existence, the Lumion brand becomes more than a facilitator for its users. The new Lumion is elevating, motivating and taking a stance. And it shows.
Designed at DC Amsterdam

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