Plastic Bean 
Shape Anything
PlasticBean is changing how plastic is made, one bean at a time, bringing the world harm-free plastic that has endless possibilities. 
The goal, therefore, became to create a brand that speaks to and influences the actual decision-makers behind purchasing plastics. With a visual identity that focuses on the raw material and its ability to today impact what we know our future planet's well-being depends on. 
The visual identity is inspired by the ‘Shape Anything’ motto and appeals to the journey of the product itself, which can be morphed into any imaginable plastic product. But also to the idea of how, by making the right choices, it is possible to change and improve even greater things.
To convey these ideas the visual identity has a bold and trustworthy look while keeping an organic approach to its imagery.
The Shape Anything motto appeals directly to convey these ideas the visual identity has a bold and trustworthy look while keeping an oniric approach to its imagery.
As a result, the PlasticBean is a true representation of how future material use can change the world, one bean at a time.
Designed at DC Amsterdam

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